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IC Mobile - Installation Instructions


IC Mobile - Installation Instructions
This article will outline the steps to install the IC Mobile Platform on your Windows Mobile Handheld. NOTE: To download the necessary files, you will need Admin access to IC Online.

Required software
     1. Windowx Vista/7 – Windows Mobile Device Center
     2. Windows XP or earlier – Microsoft ActvieSync 4.5

NOTE: The following screenshots/instructions will be for users with Windows 8/7/Vista. If you are on an older machine, contact if you require assistance.


NOTE: If you are installing a new version over an existing one, please completely REMOVE the old version prior to following the below instructions. (Removal instructions Here)

      1. Connect your handheld device to your PC.

      2. When the WMDC screen appears click “Connect without setting up the device”

Mobile Device Center

3. There are 4 files that are required for an IC Mobile installation they are as follows:
          a. Windows .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 :
          b. Windows SQL CE 3.5 SP1 :
          c. NET Framework Messages Update :
          d. IC Mobile (Latest version – Are available in IC Online under the Help -> Downloads Menu option.

     4. You now need to copy all four of these files to your handheld device. To do so, begin by mousing-over “File Management” and clicking on “Browse the contents of my device” on the WMDC screen.
File Management

     5. This will launch the Handheld file structure in a Windows Explorer window.

File Explorer

     6. Navigate to My Documents -> Business and paste the 4 downloaded files into this folder.

Copy Files

     7. The following steps are completed ON THE HANDHELD
     8. On your handheld device, tap on the Start button in the top left of your screen, tap on File Explorer. If File Explorer is not an vailable option in the list, go to Programs, then tap File Explorer.

Step 8

     9. Browse to the My Documents -> Business folder.

Business Folder

     10. Tap the files in the following order to install them
          d. Ic_mobile_5.11.009_<Your handheld type>.cab

11. Your software is now installed! Close your File Explorer window and tap on the Start button again to open IC Mobile. If IC Mobile is not available in the menu tap on Programs then tap on IC Mobile on the following screen.
If you have any issues or concerns, please contact InfoChip Support via



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